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100% Project AWARE - Scuba Course's Commitment & Support

The Sea's, the lakes, the rivers are our playgrounds. Without them we'd put down our fins and take up new hobbies. The health and well being of the marine environment is under threat and we need to take positive action as ambassadors of the underwater world.

This is why we have pledged our commitment to Project AWARE; a non-profit marine based charity offering education, research and raising awareness worldwide of the plight of our oceans and waterways.

We strongly believe in giving back to the very environment from which we take so much enjoyment. We have committed to become a '100% Project AWARE' dive centre, making a donation on behalf of our students. For each and every diver that Scuba Courses certify we will donate £10 to the Project AWARE charity, allowing them to continue the amazing work that they do. Each student can also opt to make an additional donation towards this great cause. By being 100% Project AWARE every one of our certified divers will receive a Project AWARE version of their certification card for each course that they complete with us.

Our divers can be assured that we are as passionate about conservation as they are. Much of the funding is currently being used on debris prevention projects, collecting data, removing debris and tackling global policies that affect long term solutions to this devastating problem.

Another project currently in the spotlight is the protection of the most vunerable shark species across the globe. Project AWARE participates in strengthening shark finning bans and closing policy loopholes in countries that matter the most.

We are super proud of our partnership and engagement with Project AWARE and hope that the future of our marine environment is healthy and sustainable for generations to come.

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