Explore A Silent World - PADI Basic Freediver Course December 5th

Here at SCUBA Courses we are joining forces with Steve Millard, an Instructor Trainer in the sport of Freediving to offer both PADI Freediving programs and a Freediving club. A lifetime watersports and diving enthusiast Steve has worked in freediving education for over two decades and has an unparalleled success rate with students. He has competed internationally in pool and depth competitions. and coached numerous athletes from new beginners to championship level.

PADI Basic Freediver

December 5th Thursday – 6.00pm – 9.30pm, Pool & theory (Stoke On Trent)

December 12th Thursday – 6.00pm – 9.30pm, Pool & theory (Stoke On Trent)

This is the foundation course where you will be introduced to the basic disciplines of freediving; both Static Apnea & Dynamic Apnea. The purpose of the course is to familiarize you with the skills, knowledge, planning, organisation, safety procedures, techniques, problems, hazards and enjoyment of breath hold freediving.

This course is designed to be an introduction to freediving for the complete beginner or improvers. It aims to help you to develop basic skills, knowledge and safety procedures necessary to enjoy freediving safely within the limits of your experience. This course is not aimed towards competitive freediving but for recreational freediving only

After learning a few relaxation and visualisation techniques, you'll practice Static Apnea, improving your breath hold time whilst stationary. You'll then progress to Dynamic Apnea, where you practice extending the distance you can swim in the pool on a single breath - and of course, in both these categories, you will also learn how to be a good buddy to someone as they train.  

The course is scheduled to run over two evenings from 6pm to 9.30pm at the dive centre in Hanley & the swimming pool in Chesterton.

The cost for the program is £175 including the Freediver touch (which includes several of the PADI Freediver courses beyond Basic level) and certification fee.

There are more details and opportunity to book on our website:

Check out some of the videos from Steve Millard :



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