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The Apeks Pressure Gauge Console is a clear and accurate gauge which provides clear information on the contents of your cylinder. The gauge offers a range up to 360 bar displayed clearly. The gauge itself is clear and uncluttered, the large black figures are on top of a luminous background designed to give a long phosphorescent effect. This makes it easy to see in darker waters or at a distance, perfect for diving in poor visibility.


The dial window itself is also made of highly shock resistant material, anti-splinter polycarbonate. This means that the gauge is constantly protected from the elements and any bumps or scrapes.


Additionally, an over pressure relief is fitted to the back of the gauge to prevent the screen from exploding. Explosion only occurs on the rare occasion that the internal mechanism fails.


The compass is designed to be practical and comfortable. Two separate viewing windows mean that the compass can be set up on either the left or right hand while used at an angle which is at the natural extension of the arm.


Just like the pressure gauge, the compass is designed with large numbers and directions meaning that they are easy to read. As well as this the ratchet bezel is designed to be used even with thick gloves.

Apeks Compass & Pressure Gauge

£140.00 Regular Price
£112.00Sale Price
    • Large range - The dial range of 0 to 360 bar is more than enough to handle the average dive with ease.
    • Clear display - The uncluttered display with luminous background makes for easy viewing even in darker waters.
    • Oxygen Compatible - The dial is made with oxygen compatible materials, meaning that it can be used with confidence (make sure to oxygen clean before use with high percentage oxygen.)
    • Easy to attach - The large loop area is designed into the housing of the gauge, this makes it easy to attach without much hassle.
    • Overpressure relief - The overpressure relief on the back of the console prevents explosion in the event that the internal mechanism fails, giving divers peace of mind as they dive.
    • Highly shock resistant - The anti-splinter polycarbonate dial window is designed to protect your gauge in those tricky situations.
    • Easy to read - large numbers and directions on a clear background mean that the compass is easy to read no matter the situation.
    • Easy adjustment - The ratchet bezel is easy to adjust even with thick neoprene gloves, making it one less worry mid-dive.
    • Comfortable - Two viewing windows for use on either wrist without twisting or overextension of the arm, this compass is designed to be as practical as possible.
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