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The XTX50 regulator brings the high performance of Apeks’ top end regulators down to a more affordable budget. Designed to handle sub 10*C water the XTX50 is the go to mid-priced, top quality regulator.

More than ready to take on the challenges of technical diving the XTX50 is environmentally sealed.


This prevents ice building up within the regulator which can lead to free flow, and protects the XTX50 against silt or bacterial ingress. In the worst circumstances, this ingress can lead to the likes of E.coli or mould developing inside less able regulators. With the XTX50, you don’t need to worry about that.


The XTX50 DST 1st stage features an overbalanced diaphragm allowing the XTX50 to perform exceptionally well in deep water, as you descend the DST compensates for the increased ambient water pressure around you by in increasing the pressure of air to the 2nd stage delivering clear air to you throughout your dive. 4 low pressure and 2 high pressure ports ensure routing is easy while the swivel head means your hoses can be routed kink free even for complex dive setups.


The XTX50 is made to be configured to suit you. Apeks’ Drive Changeable Exhaust system allows you to swap between a large exhaust for improved bubble dispersal and a compact exhaust that is lighter and takes up less space.


A Venturi control and Opening Effort Dial allow you to control the breathability of your regulator to suit your preference and environment. The Comfo-Bite mouthpiece supports your regulator with a bridge that sits across your palate eliminating jaw fatigue, with the added benefit of limiting the dry, filtered air from your regulator drying out your mouth.

Apeks XTX50 Regulator 1st & 2nd Stage

£467.00 Regular Price
£373.60Sale Price
    • Over-Balanced Diaphragm - Designed for technical diving, the DST 1st has an over-balanced diaphragm ensuring it performs flawlessly even in extremely deep water.
    • Environmentally Sealed - The Apeks XTX50 DST 1st is environmentally sealed. This prevents water getting into the regulator and causing ice build-up. Similarly, this prevents bacteria or mould entering the system and causing the quality of your air supply to deteriorate.
    • Cold Water Ready - The Apeks XTX50 has been designed for technical diving and thus is rated for harsh water temperatures below 10*C.
    • Swivel Head - The DST head swivels allowing you to route your hoses optimally and eliminate kinks.
    • Easy Hose Routing - The DST features 2 high pressure ports and low pressure ports that allow you to easily attach and route all of your hoses.
      • 2 High Pressure Ports (7/16" UNF)
      • 4 Low Pressure Ports (3/8" UNF)
    • Optional 5th Port - A 5th optional port allows you to configure more complex scuba setups easily.

      Apeks XTX50 2nd Stage

    • Diver Changeable Exhaust - Apeks have designed their XTX range to suit you. The 2nd stage comes with two swappable exhausts, a larger one for improved bubble clearance and a lightweight compact exhaust to ease of use.
    • Pneumatically Balanced - The XTX50 2nd stage is pneumatically balanced. This ensures that you receive consistent and clear airflow even when your tank has little air inside.
    • Opening Effort Control - The opening effort control allows you to configure how easy your breathing is throughout your dive for an optimal performance and comfort.
    • Venturi Control - Use the Venturi Control to prevent freeflow.
    • Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece - The Apeks XTX50 features a comfo-bite mouthpiece. This uses a bridge that sits across your palate to support your 2nd stage reducing jaw fatigue and helps to prevent your mouth drying out.
    • Large Purge Button - The large 2-stage purge button is easily accessible and allow for either a slow, controlled purge or more rapid full purge action
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