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Dive Club Membership Terms & Conditions

This document must be read and agreed to prior to the commencement of your dive club membership with Scuba Courses.

  • Scuba Courses Dive Club is operated and managed by Scuba Courses Dive School

  • Dive Club membership is for a minimum term of 12 months from the date of sign-up & will not renew automatically

  • We offer a 30 day cancellation policy (from date of subscription) as long as no member benefits have been utilised.

  • Early cessation of the agreed monthly subscription at any time, will result in any membership benefits received, being calculated at our standard rates & this will become payable by that member

  • Membership benefits are not transferable to any other person. 

  • Any activity booked and cancelled without at least 7 days notice, will be deemed a no show and will be deducted from your membership benefits

  • All member benefits are subject to availability & must be pre-booked

  • Proof of diver certification will be required to undertake any scuba-based activity

  • An induction, covering site orientation, emergency procedures & diver responsibilities is required for each new location the member attends

  • All administration forms, must be completed as requested by Scuba Courses prior to undertaking an activity

  • Members must complete the dive log for every dive undertaken, both in confined and open water

  • All members are responsible for ensuring that they have the correct level of training, experience, and equipment for all activities they take part in

  • Members supplying their own equipment for use during an activity, must ensure it is fit for the conditions and is serviced in accordance with manufacturers guidelines

  • All activities must be booked in advance along with any equipment requirements

  • Members are responsible for any loss or damage of any equipment hired from Scuba Courses and any losses or damage must be paid for at full market value

  • Any activity undertaken, is done so independently, without any instruction or direct supervision from Scuba Courses staff unless otherwise agreed

  • Any costs payable to third parties will be the members responsibility, unless otherwise stated. These include (but are not limited to), travel, dive site entrance fees, boat fees, equipment hire, air fills, food, drink & accommodation

  • Scuba Courses reserves the right to vary or cancel, at their discretion, any diving or social activity, where the circumstances or weather necessitate without incurring any liability

  • Scuba Courses will not be held responsible for any activity, diving or otherwise, that is cancelled & take no responsibility for any costs incurred because of any cancellation

  • Scuba Courses Dive Club organises trips, events & holidays within the UK and abroad. This may include the pre-booking & payment of accommodation, charter boats, transport, equipment, and flights. Once a member has agreed to participate in any activity that includes a fee, that fee must be honoured financially even if the member is unable to attend

  • Scuba Courses reserves the right to remove membership, without refund, from any member that acts in a negligent or inappropriate manner or fails to adhere to these terms & conditions

  • Scuba Courses will not be held responsible or liable for any accident, loss, damage, or injury caused to club members or their property regardless of location

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