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These Course & Experience Terms & Conditions are in addition to our General Terms & Conditions of business as outlined here.


Scuba Courses offer a wide range of recreational and technical dive courses, experiences and diving holidays. Please ensure that you read and agree to these additional terms of business prior to enrolling onto any program or trip. If you are unsure or have any questions regarding any of these terms and conditions, please contact us.

​This document must be read and agreed to prior to booking your course/experience/trip with Scuba Courses.

  • Scuba Courses reserves the right to vary or cancel, at their discretion, a course or its content, where the circumstances or weather necessitate without incurring any liability.

  • For PADI experience programmes, PADI Discover Scuba, PADI Discover Snorkelling, PADI Bubblemaker & PADI Re-Activate programs, full payment is required at the time of booking. Payments for these programmes are strictly non refundable, however the session may be transferred to another date if a minimum of 7 days notice is given and an alternate date is booked. If less than 7 days notice is given, this will be deemed as a cancellation and no alternate date or refund will be issued.

  • For all other PADI programmes a deposit is required at the time of booking. Deposits for these programmes are strictly non-refundable, however the course(s) may be rescheduled to another date if a minimum of 14 days notice is given and alternate date(s) are booked. If less than 14 days notice is given, this will be deemed a cancellation and the full course fee will be payable with no alternate dates offered. Any relevant course materials will be issued upon receipt of the course deposit(s). The full balance of the course(s) must be received a minimum of 14 days prior to the start date of the course(s).unless otherwise agreed in writing.

  • All outstanding balances must be paid to Scuba Courses prior to receiving certification.

  • All course administration forms, including, but not limited to these Terms & Conditions, Learning Agreement, Course Booking Form, Medical Statement and PADI Safe Diving Practices must be completed prior to undertaking any training. Failure to complete the necessary documentation correctly will delay training and will be subject to our rescheduling fees as outlined below. 

  • All students participating in PADI programmes that include in-water training are required to complete a PADI Medical Statement. Any known medical condition(s) must be declared and notified to Scuba Courses prior to the start of any water based dive course/experience. Failure to declare medical conditions in accordance with the PADI Medical Statement which then later becomes known will result in student suspension from the course until a satisfactory medical certificate has been obtained. If medical clearance by a physician is required, it is the students responsibility to ensure that this obtained in advance of the course/experience start date. Failure to obtain medical clearance in time for the course/experience start date will delay training and will be subject to our rescheduling fees as outlined below.

  • Any costs incurred by Scuba Courses, including, but not limited to facilities hire, course materials, equipment hire, travel or accommodation will be deducted/charged to the student upon cancellation of any course/program or trip/holiday, regardless of notice period given.

  • Scuba Courses does NOT provide transport to the Open Water dive sites. We will make every effort to try and get you a car share with another student but if this is not possible you will be expected to make your way to the site by your own means.

  • Any costs payable to third parties in connection with your training will be your responsibility, unless otherwise stated. These include (but are not limited to), travel, dive site entrance fees, boat fees, food, drink & accommodation

  • Transfer of course dates requested by the student prior to the start date of the course will incur a £50 (per student) handling fee. Transfer of course dates requested by the student on/after the start date of the course will be either:

    • Deemed a cancellation & will incur the full course fee including the cost of any supplied course training materials.

    • or; charged at the rates outlined below.

  • If any event outside of Scuba Courses control, including, but not limited to, weather, war, acts of terrorism, fire, explosion, epidemic/widespread illness, industrial action or insolvency causes any course/trip to be delayed, cancelled or changed, Scuba Courses will not be held liable for any consequential loss or expense incurred by the student and any refund made will be subject to the deduction of reasonable expenses incurred by Scuba Courses.

  • For all recreational courses, we will provide all the required basic equipment, unless specifically stated otherwise. This includes weight system, exposure suit (Open Water only), Cylinder, BCD, Regulator, Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Hood & Gloves. Additional equipment requirements will be supplied if available, otherwise you will be responsible for supplying any equipment needed to complete training. This includes (but is not limited to), Torch, Compass, Computer, SMB, Reel, Camera, Lift Bag & Slates.

  • Lost or damaged equipment whilst under the responsibility of the student must be paid for by the student at the full market value.

  • Where students wish to supply their own equipment (either wholly or in part) for use during training sessions, it must be fit for the conditions in which it will be used and it must be in current service. Failure to provide proof of current service or is deemed to be unsuitable will prohibit you from using the equipment during training sessions.

  • Personal Possessions - Scuba Courses will not be held responsible for the loss/damage of any personal possessions during any activities at any location.

  • Enrolling & paying the course fee does not guarantee that the student will meet the required standards for certification within the schedule of the course. In the event that certification requirements are not met, no refund will be given.  If additional training sessions are required to enable the student to meet the required standards for certification, the student agrees to pay the following additional charges -

  • £25 - Theory (Per Hour)

  • £39 - Confined Pool (Per Hour)

  • £150 - Open Water (Per Day)

Courses & Experiences Terms & Conditions

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