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This document must be read and agreed to prior to the commencement of your course/experience with Scuba Courses.

Diver training is meant to be fun and exciting, but like any form of learning, you will need to invest some time and effort to make the most of your course. To offer you the best program possible, please review the following and sign at the bottom of this form to confirm your agreement.

This learning agreement between you the ‘Student’, and us, ‘Scuba Courses’ reviews our mutual course responsibilities.


Student Responsibilities

The theory segment of your PADI dive course is based on home study. Review sessions with an instructor are designed to answer questions, and review key points, NOT AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR INDEPENDENT HOME STUDY.

By signing below, you are agreeing to:

  • Review & complete all course enrolment paperwork and study your PADI Course Materials

  • Have medical form signed by a physician (if necessary) before your course start date. Your course may be cancelled, rescheduled or delayed if any required medical approval is not received by Scuba Courses before the course start date.  This may result in additional costs as outlined below.

  • Be on time for all course dates. Late arrival may result in cancellation or rescheduling of your course at an additional cost to you.

  • Be prepared for theory sessions by reading/reviewing the required coursework as indicated by Scuba Courses staff..

  • Complete all required knowledge reviews in your PADI Course materials BEFORE your theory session.

  • Arrive for pool and/or open water dives in good time, allowing time to get changed.

  • Follow all pool, open water and course procedures as outlined by your instructor(s) and in your enrolment paperwork and be attentive during your training sessions.

  • Ask questions about anything that is not understood.


Missed/Rearranged Sessions

Due to the nature of the course structure, it is important that all course dates are attended, in the correct sequence. Unless prior arrangements have been made & confirmed in writing with Scuba Courses, students will incur the following rearrangement charges;

  • £25 - Theory (Per Hour)

  • £39 - Confined Pool (Per Hour)

  • £150 - Open Water (Per Day)


Scuba Courses Responsibilities

If the student completes all course work assigned, arrives for class promptly, and otherwise follows directions for learning given by the instructor, Scuba Courses accepts responsibility for learning challenges.

All Course objectives must be met before the student can be certified.

Your Instructor and support staff agree to:

  • Be ready to start the class as scheduled.

  • Answer the student’s questions to the best of their ability

  • Provide a positive and fun learning environment in which to master course objectives

  • Be patient and assist the student through learning challenges


It is further agreed that I, the undersigned, am responsible for any equipment loaned to me throughout the duration of my course and acknowledge that my course is provided in accordance with Scuba Courses Terms and Conditions of business.

All outstanding balances must be paid to Scuba Courses prior to receiving the certification. 

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