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Apeks & Aqualung Now Available At Scuba Courses

Apeks & Aqualung Logo

Search online for diving equipment and you'll always come across some sexy looking Aqualung branded kit that'll make you want to buy it whether you need it or not. Sleek, innovative and super cool, Aqualung equipment is one of the worlds leading Scuba brands.

Inspired by Jacques Cousteau's original 'Aqualung' the equipment produced is suitable for tropical water or the harshest of diving climates; the arctic. Equipment is designed with real divers in mind, from the weekend recreational's, to the weight conscious traveller as well as specific equipment designed to fit female divers.

Aqualung are proud of their constant improvements and innovation and strive to meet the demands of all aspects of diving.

Ask UK divers their preferred choice of regulator and the majority will reply that nothing comes close to the Apeks brand. Designed and manufactured in the UK, these regulators stand the test of time, in fact Darren still has his very first set of TX40's from the 1990's and with regular servicing they continue to perform flawlessly to this day.

Not many brands can inspire such confidence in the longevity of it's products, let alone a piece of life support equipment. Being a stalwart of the diving industry might make you think that Apeks are not innovative but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Apeks accessories are rugged, exceptional quality, designed & engineered for the toughest environments, in keeping with the latest technologies and diving trends.

All of this makes us incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Apeks & Aqualung. We look forward to supplying our customers with the best products from the best brands.

Supplying quality when it matters, delivering brands you can rely on!

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