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* IMPORTANT ** Corona Virus Update

Unfortunately the last few days have seen a massive upscale in the severity of the Corona Virus outbreak. After a number of government updates and recommendations, it is with regret that all of our upcoming pool sessions have been postponed until further notice due to pool closures.

For those that are currently undergoing courses or those booked onto programs within the coming weeks, please contact us to re-arrange your training.

We do plan however to continue with our planned open water training sessions and pleasure diving, until such time where we are advised otherwise.

With all the self isolation and social distancing, diving will almost certainly give us a much welcomed break from these unprecedented times.

Lets make the most of the travel restrictions and enjoy what the UK has to offer. Lets do what we can to keep our spirits high and enjoy the amazing UK waters.

We will continue to keep you updated as and when we have any further information.

Stay safe

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