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Making Scuba Affordable With Flexible Payment Options

Scuba Divers Swimming Among Shoals Of Fish

Get Started On Your Scuba Adventure Today

Do you love the idea of becoming a certified diver? Do you want to dive on underwater shipwrecks and amidst the kalaedoscope of colours on the coral reefs? Is swimming with sharks on your bucket list?

Do all of the reasons to dive excite you but you find the course price too much to pay in one lump sum?

We know that the course prices can seem daunting but with us you really are getting the very best tuition and your safety and enjoyment will always be our number one priorty, which is why the course prices are what they are.

However, we also know that to pay upfront in one lump sum can really stretch or blowyour budget, ,especially if you're planning on learning as a couple or family.

So we offer a flexible payment schedule to enable our customers a more affordable way of starting their exciting journeys.

Pay a deposit to secure your place (course numbers are limited so this is a must) and you'll receive your learning pack so you get can get started right away. Then spread the remaining balance over the duration of your course, which is a great way of working out a budget and making it affordable and enabling you to get started immediately.

For more information please drop us a message via email, message us on social media or get in touch on 07743719172.

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