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Scuba Diving - The Ultimate Christmas Gift

It's less than a week until Christmas and although we seem to have had an infinite time to order everything online, if you're like me you've probably left things pretty last minute. It's been a crazy year and many of us are tired of trawling the internet looking for inspiration and getting no where fast.

If you've got a couple of gifts left to get and you can't face the shopping centres or losing hours of your life scrolling through Amazon here's where we've got a couple of great ideas for you.

Some of us can't wait to board a plane again and get some sun, sea and sand. Adding the adventure of Scuba to your travels is the ultimate experience that a lot of people are looking for. Spice up your holiday with some underwater exploration. Shake off the blues of 2020 on a coral reef, floating weightless amongst the fish and beautiful sea life.

If however, the uncertainty of international travel has you planning for a staycation closer to home in 2021, then why not unlock our very own underwater treasures. The UK coast boasts some beautiful shallow reefs, an abundance of wildlife and a really rewarding challenge for those keen on adventure.

Scuba Courses can offer a variety of PADI Scuba diving programs and courses but here's two awesome Christmas gift ideas.

Experience Scuba - £30

The PADI Discover Scuba/Bubblemaker session at just £30 is a great stocking filler for a loved one or gift for friends and family. We can even take group sessions so you can share the experience with your nearest and dearest. These are really popular for children too so take a look at the website for more information and consider some underwater fun with your family.

Get Certified - £475

Learning to Scuba Dive with the PADI Open Water Diver Course is a more expensive option at £475 but one that is a life changing experience. Giving the gift of Scuba can be one of those thoughtful gifts that will keep on giving; year after year! If you know someone who loves the underwater world; someone who can't stop watching Blue Planet; someone who is an avid snorkeler and swimmer then this might just be perfect.

Peace Of Mind

We know that booking travel and experiences has been a nightmare this year so we're hoping to ease the anxiety by offering you 12 months expiry on all courses/experiences booked from the moment that the UK officially comes out of lockdown restrictions.

So, for all of you last minute shoppers, please get in touch for more details or browse the website for more information on the full range of experiences and courses that we offer. We look forward to seeing you all soon, fellow underwater enthusiasts!

Put Scuba on your Bucket List and add an exciting dimension to 2021.

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