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The Apeks DS1 diving 1st stage is sealed ensuring it’s able to handle extremely cold water. It provides a single low and single high-pressure port, making it ideal as a backup or for an alternative gas source when you typically only need a single high pressure port for a gauge.


The Apek DSI is compact and delivers excellent breathe during deep diving expeditions for professional divers as well as enthusiasts. It can be stored easily and is made from robust material to last for a lifetime.

Apeks DS1 1st Stage Regulator

£172.00 Regular Price
£137.60Sale Price
    • Suitable For Cold Water - The Apeks DS1 is sealed. This prevents ice buildup within the regulator allows it to perform flawlessly in waters below 10*C. This also has the advantage of ensuring no contaminants gets in the 1st stage and foul your air supply.
    • Compact & Light - With only 2 ports the DS1 is exceptionally small and light making it ideal for travelling and flying.
    • Simple Design - The DS1 features a single low and high-pressure port making it ideal for technical configurations with a 2nd gas supply.
      • 1 Low-Pressure port 3/8 UNF
      • 1 High Pressure port 7/16 UNF
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