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Simple and dependable, the Apeks DS4 1st stage offers outstanding cold water performance in a compact, straightforward package. Like many more expensive 1st stages the DS4 is Dry sealed. This prevents ice build-up within the regulator, allowing it to function in extremely cold conditions. It also prevents water and contaminants from entering the system and polluting your air supply.


Made for technical diving the DS4 has an overbalanced diaphragm which allows it to perform better at extreme depths, counteracting the effects of ambient water pressure in deep water.

Apeks DS4 Regulator 1st Stage

£190.00 Regular Price
£152.00Sale Price
    • Simple & Reliable - The DS4 is one of Apeks most simple, but high performing regulators. Because of that there’s nothing to go wrong allowing you to take into extreme diving environments and now keep going for years and years.
    • Dry Sealed System - While Apeks’ high end regulators the DS4 is environmentally sealed. This prevents ice build-up allowing you to use it in sub 10*C temperature waters
    • Easy Route Your Hoses -
      • 4 medium pressure ports 3/8 UNF
      • 1 high pressure port 7/16 UNF
    • Overbalanced Diaphragm - The DS4 features an overbalanced diaphragm allowing it to perform exceptionally well in deep water.
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