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The Apeks Egress Octopus features a unique angled mouthpiece design that makes it easy and convenient to share with a dive buddy. Pneumatically balanced, the Egress delivers impeccable performance even when your tanks are running low on air.


Apeks understand that Octopus’ are often used in stressful situations so that Egress can used equally easily upright as well as upside down, so a panicked diver will be able to get their air as easily as possible.


The Apeks Egress has been designed and tested to take on icey water conditions and will function flawlessly in sub 10*C temperatures.

Apeks Egress 2nd Stage Octopus

£164.00 Regular Price
£131.20Sale Price
    • Buddy-Up - The Egress’ unique 120* angled mouthpiece makes the Egress considerably easier to share with a dive buddy than a normal regulator style Octo.
    • Impressive Performance - Like all Apeks regulators the Egress performs admirably providing clear, easy breathing all day.
    • Low Drag - The Egress’ unique shape is low drag making it exceptionally comfortable to keep in your mouth.
    • Compact - Because of its small size the Egress is easy to stow on yourself when you’re in the water, and easy to pack when out.
    • Pneumatically Balanced - Some companies cut costs on their Octopus’ by using unbalanced designs. Apeks don’t cut corners. The Egress is pneumatically balanced ensuring breathing is easy even when your tanks are low on air.
    • Use Upside Down - The Egress can be used when both upright and upside down, allowing a panicked diver to quickly and reliably get the air that they need.
    • High Visibility - The body and hose of the Egress are highlighted in bright yellow ensuring you can see it even in the poorest visibility and silt.
    • Cold Water Suitable - The Apeks Egress is designed and tested to handle cold water below 10*C
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