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The Apeks Flight is the ultimate in lightweight, travel regulators. Apeks believe it’s the lightest and one of the highest performing on the market thanks to it’s tough and lightweight body make from Marine grade brass and engineering grade composites.


Pneumatically balanced the Flight 2nd stage delivers clear and consistent air to you even when your tanks are running low on air and pressure. The optimally positioned exhaust allows for excellent bubble clearance so you vision is never impeded.


The Flight 2nd stage features a large purge button and accessible venturi control ensuring both are easy to use at a moments notice.

Apeks Flight Lightweight Travel 2nd Stage Regulator

£164.00 Regular Price
£131.20Sale Price
    • Robust & Lightweight - Apeks have constructed the Flight from a combination of lightweight Marine brass and engineering grade composites ensuring the body is tough, resistant to impact and lightweight.
    • Pneumatically Balanced - When air gets low, more basic designs cause breathing to become more difficult. Enjoy clean and consistent breathing throughout your entire dive with the Flight’s pneumatically balanced design.
    • Tool Free Swivel Fitting - This prevents you from over-torqueing your hose fitting and damaging your regulator.
    • Venturi Control - Prevent free-flow at the surface with the large, easy-to-use venturi control.
    • Large Purge Button - Large purge button is easy to find when you need to purge your regulator.
    • Excellent Bubble Dispersion - The Flight 2nd stage clears bubbles easily ensuring they don’t interrupt your vision so you can enjoy your surroundings!
    • Free from Jaw Fatigue - The Flight comes with a Comfo-Bite mouthpiece. This mouthpiece feature a bridge that sits across your palate and supports your 2nd stage eliminating jaw fatigue and helping to reduce dry mouth so you can enjoy your dive in comfort all day long.
    • Rated down to 10*C - The Apex Flight Regulators have been tested and certified to perform in waters down to 10*C, making them suited to warmer water diving.
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