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Apeks ultralight travel 1st stage ‘Flight’ offers incredible performance in one of the most compact and lightweight form factors available. Made uses durable marine brass and modern engineering grade composites the Flight will shrug off impacts and abrasions.


Roughly the size of a golf ball, the Apeks Flight 1st stage is incredibly small making it ideal for flying with. What’s more its small size belies incredible performance akin to Apeks’ full sized technical regulators.


The Apeks Flight is has a balanced diaphragm. This not only improves overall performance but means that went your tank is running low on pressure breathing remains easy and consistent and doesn’t become strenuous and as your air begins to deplete.

Apeks Flight Regulator 1st Stage

£246.00 Regular Price
£196.80Sale Price
    • Robust & Lightweight - Apeks have constructed the Flight from a combination of lightweight Marine brass and engineering grade composites ensuring the body is tough, resistant to impact and lightweight.
    • Balanced Diaphragm - In a standard regulator, when the air pressure in your tank begins to deplete breathing becomes more difficult. The balanced diaphragm design ensures that even when is running low on air breathing is easy and effortless.
    • Numerous Hose Routing Options - The Flight has a number of routing options allowing you to optimally position your hoses and easily connect all of your dive equipment.
      • 2 (7/16" UNF) High-Pressure Ports
      • 4 (3/8" UNF) Low-Pressure Ports
    • Ultra Compact - Not much larger than a golfball, the Apeks Flight 1st stage is incredibly small, making it easy to pack and use.
    • Rated to 10*C - The Flight has been tested to EU Standards and is rated to function in water above 10*C.
    • Compact Body - The Flight 1st stage is little larger than a golf ball making it a breeze to pack for flying with.
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