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While many dive Octo’s are feature-lite shadows of the real deal, Apeks know that if you ever need your Octopus in the extreme technical environments their MTX-R regulators are designed to handle your gear can’t be compromised.

The MTX-R Octopus features the same unparalleled specifications as the MTX-R 2nd stage allowing it to function flawlessly in brutally cold, or deep water.

It’s pneumatically balanced design allows you to enjoy consistent and effortless breathing even when your air reserves are at minimum. Based on the Military Apex MTX regulator, the MTX-R Octopus has been tested to NEDU (Navy Experimental Dive Unit) Standards. It can handle near zero degree temperatures down to 60m, easily.


With bright yellow highlights on the tough, reinforced body, it’s easily visible. The long braided hose is also clear yellow, so you can always see it, even in murky water.


As with all Apex Octo’s the MTX-R Octopus features a comfo-bite mouthpiece. These mouthpieces feature a bridge that sits across your plate. This prevents the dry, cool air from your regulator drying out your palate while also providing support for you Octopus reducing jaw fatigue.

Apeks MTX-R 2nd Stage Regulator Octopus

£237.00 Regular Price
£189.60Sale Price
    • Tuned Design - The Apex MTX-R Octopus has been optimised to perform flawlessly in any condition meaning it doesn’t require a venturi switch, as free flow is unlikely to occur, even in the coldest water.
    • Pneumatically Balanced Design - Like the MTX-R 2nd stage the MTX-R Octopus provides consistent breathing even when you’re down to minimal air reserves.
    • Large Purge Button - The purge button is large and easy to use. It’s self-flushing and controllable.
    • Rugged Construction - The MTX-R Octopus features tough elastomer bumpers to protect the sides and top of the body. The front cover is protected by overmoulded elastomers to protect the chrome plated brass plate beneath.
    • Reversible Design - The MTX-R Octopus is reversible allowing you to mount the hoses to the right or left depending on your preference.
    • Comfortable Air Temperate - A heat exchanger is situated around the valve mechanism. This increases the temperature of the air entering the regulator ensuring the air coming to the mouthpiece is at a comfortable temperature.
    • Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece - Dive for hours in complete comfort with the Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece. It features a bridge that sits across the palate of your mouth preventing it from drying out and providing comfortable support for your Octopus.
    • Double Swivel Hose - The hose mounts swivel reducing drag on your face for improved comfort.
    • Easy Servicing - The Apeks MTX-R Octopus has been designed to be easy to maintain and repair, with simple, easy to use service kits available.
    • Hi-Vis Hose - The long braided hose is bright yellow, ensuring its highly visible even in murky or low-light dives.
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