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Designed to fit with the XL4 regulator system the XL4 Octopus offers the same robust high performance as the XL4 2nd stage. Featuring a pneumatically balanced design, the XL4 Octo allows you to breathe easily, even when running low on air in your tank.


The large purge button is self flushing and controllable letting you to easily clear the octo should the need arise. Hi-Vis accenting on the body 2nd stage cable ensures the octopus is clearly visible meaning you or your dive buddy will be able to locate it quickly in a tricky situation.


The XL4 regulator set the Octopus is designed to handle water temperatures low that 10*C making it the perfect cold water alternative air supply.

Apeks XL4 2nd Stage Regulator Octopus

£170.00 Regular Price
£136.00Sale Price
  • Compact & Lightweight - The XL4 Octopuses low weight ensures you won’t even feel its additional weight during long dives.

    Large Purge Button - The large, over-moulded self-flushing and controllable purge button is robust and easy to use. Hi-Vis accenting on the button ensures it remains visible in dark water.

    Pneumatically Balanced Design - When air gets low, more basic 2nd stage designs cause breathing to become more difficult. Enjoy clean and consistent breathing even when your tank is running low on air.

    Ease-of Breathing Switch - The XL4 Octopus features a venturi switch. This ‘ease-of-breathing’ switch allows you to control the free flow of air. This can be especially useful in deep water as the pressure can impede the flow of air. In this case the venturi switch lets you maintain comfortable breathing.

    Hi-Vis Hosing - Hi-Visibility hosing ensures your Octo is visible to you or your dive buddy even in dark water

    Cold Water Ready - The XL4 Octopus is suitable for cold water of temperatures below 10*C/50*F

    Clearing Exhaust - A flexible rubber exhaust rapidly clears bubbles away from your vision.

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