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The Apeks XL4 regulator is a true technical dive workhorse. Super Lightweight, compact and high performing this cold water ready regulator will take on the most hostile environments and keep up a constant, effortless supply of air. Made to survive the battering it’ll take in harsh UK diving, the 1st stage is single-piece forged making it near impervious to impacts. The 2nd stage is made from tough composite that is equally light and resistant to damage.


The DB4 1st stage is environmentally sealed. This prolongs its life, protects you from contaminants affecting the quality of your air supply and helps prevent ice build-up within the regulator. It’s heat exchanger diaphragm clamp features a large surface area that increases the gas temperature within the first stage improving the cold water performance of regulator.


The DB4 features an overbalanced diaphragm design. When you descend the water pressure builds up impeding the flow of air to your second stage making breathing more difficult. This design compensates for that ensuring you receive clear, consistent flow of air throughout your dive no matter how deep you go.


The XL4 Second stage is super light. Combined with the comfo-bite mouthpiece it’s incredibly comfortable even during long dives. The clever comfo-bite mouthpiece features a bridge that sits across your palate. This provides support for the 2nd stage, reducing stress on your jaw and eliminates dry mouth.


The XL4 provides clean, consistent breathing even when your air gets low thanks to it’s balanced design. Made for harsh cold water diving it’s composite body helps to increase the air temperature entering your mouth for more comfortable breathing.

Apeks XL4 Regulator 1st & 2nd Stage

£349.00 Regular Price
£279.20Sale Price
    • Super Light & Compact - Weighing only 905g (DIN) and 1041g (Yoke) the Apeks XL4 is super light and compact making it ideal for any technical diver.
    • Bulletproof Design - The DB4 is single-piece forged making it incredibly tough, able to handle even the most brutal dives.
    • Cold water Ready - The DB4 1st stage is built handle the coldest of waters thanks to its robust ice-resisting features.
    • Over-Moulded End Cap - In the worst case, this ice build-up can cause your 1st Stage to free flow, wasting your oxygen. The over-moulded End Cap and environmentally sealed diaphragm prevents ice build-up within the DB4 ensuring your regulator functions perfectly even in the most hostile of environments.
    • Over-Balanced Diaphragm - The DB4 over-balanced design is made to function perfectly with the XL4’s balanced design making it incredibly capable in deep water. As you descend the water pressure increases around you resistant the flow of air through your hoses. This over-balanced design increases the rate of airflow ensuring your breathing remains clear and consistent no matter how deep you dive.
    • Environmentally Sealed - The DB4 is environmentally sealed, not only does this help to reduce ice-buildup but prolongs the life of the 1st stage, protecting it from corrosive seawater or contaminants impacting the quality of your air.
    • 4LP Ports, 1HP Port - The Apeks DB4 1st stage features 4 low pressure and 1 high-pressure port allowing you to connect up all of your dive gear.
    • Compact & Lightweight - The XL4 is light and compact. This reduces fatigue on your mouth ensuring it’s comfortable during long dives.
    • Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece - The Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece is super comfortable thanks to it high-quality silicone compound. It features a bridge that sits across your palate preventing it from drying out.
    • Reusable Mouthpiece Clip - The mouthpiece clip is reusable so you can quickly replace your mouthpiece at the dive site.
    • Large Purge Button - The large over-moulded self-flushing and controllable purge button is tough and easy to use.
    • Pneumatically Balanced Design - Enjoy clean and consistent breathing throughout your dive with the XL4’s pneumatically balanced design, even when air gets low in the tank.
    • Ease-of Breathing Switch - The XL4 2nd stage features a venturi switch. This ‘ease-of-breathing’ switch allows you to control the free flow of air. Reduce the free flow when you’re not using the 2nd stage so you don’t waste air or increase the flow of air as you descend in deeper water for consistent breathing.
    • Flexible Nylon Braided Hose - Tougher and more flexible than standard rubber hoses, Nylon braided hoses offer improved flow of air. This mitigates the effect of increased water pressure on your hoses.
    • Clearing Exhaust - A flexible rubber exhaust rapidly clears bubbles away from your vision.
    • Cold Water Ready - The XL4 is suitable for cold water below 10*C/50*F
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