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To create the XTX Tungsten 1st stage, Apeks have taken the acclaimed XTX200 upgraded it to make their toughest 1st stage yet. An abrasion and damage resistant Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating made from a combination of Titanium, zirconium and Chromium ensures your 1st stage will survive the most brutal dive environments and handle day-to-day diving abuse.


Environmentally sealed, the Apeks XTX Tungsten 1st stage is cold water ready and able to function well in sub 10*C temperatures. This seal also protects you from contaminants getting into the system, like mould, bacteria or water-borne diseases.

Apeks XTX Tungsten 1st Stage Regulator

£400.00 Regular Price
£320.00Sale Price
    • Tungsten PVD Protective Coating - The body of the XTX 1st stage has been PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coated with a durable alloy of Titanium, Zirconium and Chromium. This rich outer coating is nearly impervious to scratches and damage while looking incredible!
    • Balanced Design -
    • Optimised Hose Routing - The 2 High pressure and 4 Low Pressure ports are angled allowing you to easily route your hoses.
    • Cold water ready - The XTX Tungsten 1st stage is environmentally sealed. This helps to protect it against ice build-up, ensuring the FSR able to function flawlessly temperatures below 10*C, enabling you to keep diving in harsh environments.
    • Resists Contaminants - The sealed mainspring chamber prevents silt and contaminants from entering the system. This protects you from bacteria and mould that can build up in well capable 1st stages.
    • Removable Valve Seat - The Removable ARCAP Valve seat means the XTX 1st stage is easy to maintain.
    • Nitrox - This first stage is nitrox ready to 40% oxygen when you first open the box. This is a rare feature for first stage regulators and only the best use this feature.
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