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The XTX200 2nd stage provides incredible performance in a damage resistant chassis. Pneumatically-balanced, the XTX 2nd offers uncompromised performance no matter the environment nor how much air is left in your cylinders.


A large purge button ensures its easy to operate, this two stage purge allows you to control the flow, the lower rate is ideal when more control is required, while the full effect makes purging the 2nd stage rapid and effective.


As with any Apeks regulator, the XTX200 features a Comfo-Bite mouthpiece. This mouthpiece design features a bridge that sits across your palette and supports the regulator, reducing jaw fatigue.


Designed to be used with the XTX200 1st stage the XTX 2nd is the obvious replacement should yours become damage. It will offer act as a top-quality upgrade if you own a more basic regulator.

Apeks XTX200 2nd Stage Regulator

£256.00 Regular Price
£204.80Sale Price
    • Diver Changeable Exhaust - Apeks have designed their XTX range to suit you. The 2nd stage comes with two swappable exhausts, a larger one for improved bubble clearance and a lightweight compact exhaust to ease of use.
    • Pneumatically-Balanced - The XTX 2nd stage is pneumatically-balanced. This provides the best quality air supply possible and means when you’re running low on air in tank you don’t need to inhale harder to breathe.
    • Easy-Push Purge Button - The XTX 2nd stage features an enlarged purge button making it easy to operate. A 2-stage progressive purge is used - press the purge on the side for a lower flow rate, useful where more control is required such as filling lift bags etc, then press in the centre for the full effect of the purge.
    • Venturi Lever - The large venturi level is easy to locate and use and any time and allows you to control how much breathing effort is required to receive air.
    • Opening Effort Control - Let your regulator breathe at its best with the large Opening Effort Control for maximum breathability.
    • Anti-Bacterial Design - The XTX 2nd stage has been designed with active anti-bacterial protection. The additive kills MRSA, protects against E-Coli, bacteria and fungi, ensuring you stay safe in hostile underwater environments.
    • Comfo-bite™ Mouthpiece - Apeks’ Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece features a comfortable bridge that sits across your palate. By supporting your regulator it eliminates jaw-fatigue and stops dry, filtered air from your regulator drying out your mouth so you can enjoy your dive in greater comfort.
    • Heat Exchanger - A heat exchanger surrounds the valve mechanism helping to dissipate the ice-cold temperatures in your regulator by extracting warmth from the surrounding water, the result is warmer, more comfortable air.
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