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The Apeks Tungsten XTX Regulator is the culmination of decades of development in regulator design. With a new Tungsten PVD coated body, Apeks have created their toughest, highest performing and most visually stunning regulator to date.


Engineered to take on the extreme environments of technical diving the XTX regulator is nearly impervious to ice build-up and able to deliver consistent and clear breathing thanks to its overbalanced design. The mainspring chamber is environmentally sealed which further prevents ice-buildup and keeps contaminants and bacteria from getting into the 1st stage and spoiling the quality of your air.


The FSR 1st stage is nearly indestructible, so Apeks have ensured its readily serviceable, and made the valve seat removable ensuring you’ll be able to enjoy using your Tungsten XTX Regulator for years to come.

The incredible XTX 2nd stage is pneumatically balanced ensuring your breathing is effortless, no matter how much air is left in your tank.


Like the 1st stage, the body has been reinforced with the same Tungsten PVD coating. It not only looks fantastic but makes the 2nd stage resistant to abrasion and damage. The venturi switch and open control knob give you complete control to configure your how your regulator functions on the fly.


When you’re in truly frigid water the air coming into your 2nd stage can be extremely cold and uncomfortable. A heat exchanger around the valve mechanism extracts warmth from the surrounding water, warming up the air entering your mouth for more comfortable breathing.


The Apeks XTX Tungsten Regulator is one of the finest and most durable technical regulators available today and is well worth considering as a serious diving investment.

Apeks XTX200 Tungsten Regulator

£677.00 Regular Price
£541.60Sale Price
  • Tungsten PVD Protective Coating - The external metal-work of both the XTX 1st and 2nd stage have been PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coated with a durable alloy of Titanium, Zirconium and Chromium. This high-quality coating is not only abrasion and damage resistant but visually impressive too. The rich satin finish emphasises the exemplary level of quality you’re getting with the Tungsten XTX.

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