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Beaver seamless steel cylinder packages are manufactured to stringent standards set by the demanding European PED specification to ensure your CE marked cylinder is allowed for use throughout the European Community - unlike other inferior designs.


The body, manufactured from precision grade Steel exceeding BS 708 A 37, provides a high tensile strength and an elastic modulus that is 3 times superior to Aluminium. The cylinder is precision coated by 40µm Flame Spray Galvanising, an anti oxidising RAL 9010 precoat and a smooth, tough lacquer finish.


Our cylinders are supplied O2 clean for mixed gas compatibility and ready for use with Nitrox or Trimix if assembled in an appropriate environment with O2 clean valves & equipment and include a M25 X 2 thread cylinder valve with EN-144-3 outlet which allows use with INT or G 5/8 DIN attachments.


A High Tensile Polymer cylinder boot which allows vertical storage is also included. Measures 204mm in diameter and 635mm in length, plus boot and valve and weighs approximately 21.1 Kgs all inclusive when empty. 15 Litre capacity with a Maximum Working Pressure of 232 Bar, providing 3480 Litres of gas when fully charged.

Beaver 15 Litre 232 Bar Cylinder

SKU: CP 15 232
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