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Compact and lightweight 70 metre depth gauge with maximum depth indicator, high visibility crystal clear dial, provides concise and accurate information. Phosphor Bronze C Bourdon tube with rack and pinion movement ensures super smooth and reliable operation. Silicone oil filled movement inside robust polycarbonate top side housing, complete the requirements of the most demanding technical and sport diver alike.


With its temperature sensing lower section, the Dictator Compact Depth Gauge provides great accuracy across a wide temperature range between 10 and 50 degrees centigrade to meet the requirements of European Standard EN13319. Built in Maximum Depth Indicator provides a clear display and is simply reset when required.


Weighs only 130 Grams, including streamlined moulded rubber housing with wrist strap, rust free stainless steel buckle ensures years of reliable use and is quick and easy to remove when required. Outside diameter of the gauge is 52mm and 60mm complete in the wrist mounted housing, the maximum depth at the centre point to the extreme outer of the housing is 35mm.


Clear white faces which become luminous in the dark, all in all a superb wrist mounted depth gauge, made in Italy with pride.

Beaver Dictator Compact Wrist Depth Gauge

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