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Extra Short 15cm - 6 inch long super flexible High Pressure hose for use with most types of Diving pressure gauges & consoles.


Manufactured in the EU to exceed the standards of European Specification EN-250, with a male 7/16" UNF threaded fitting suitable for attachment to the HP Port of virtually all SCUBA Diving regulator 1st stages.


The opposite end has a 7/16 UNF swivel and the hose is supplied complete with a shouldered swivel pin and appropriate O-Rings, alternative swivel pins to suit other contents gauges are available from all Beaver retailers.


This extra short 15cm - 6 inch model is frequently used by Cave Divers and on stage cylinders where a short length hose is desirable and also by Sidemount divers where cylinders are located to allow easy access.


Highly flexible, tough and durable, this hose is perfect for use with all standard types of SPG - Single Pressure Gauges and will give years of trouble free service.

Beaver Extra Short 6" (15cm) High Pressure Hose

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