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A solid and sturdy Twin instrument console with 300 Bar working pressure, 400 Bar dial contents gauge/SPG & inline 80 metre depth gauge with maximum depth indicator featuring high visibility clear and concise dials, which are luminous in darker conditions.


Supplied with a 80cm/32 inch long high pressure hose with swivel, for use at working pressures of up to 300 Bar, standard 7/16” UNF male thread allow use with all types of SCUBA Diving Regulator.


Weighs 584 Grams inclusive of heavy duty moulded rubber console and high pressure hose. The Depth Gauge has an external diameter of 63mm and is manufactured as an all in one unit from brass, internally copper beryllium coiled Bourdon tubes with rack and pinion movement ensure accuracy and reliability. The inline Submersible Pressure Gauge also has a 63mm diameter outside dimension, manufactured from brass with coiled beryllium tube ensure pinpoint information is provided.


The Contents Gauge and Hose are manufactured in Italy to exceed the requirements of European Standard EN-250 and the Depth Gauge complies with EN 13319, a strong moulded rubber console provides protection to ensure many years trouble free service.

Beaver Sentinel Twin Console

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