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Lightweight and compact in line twin console with 48mm diameter 300 Bar working pressure, 400 Bar dial contents gauge/SPG & 70 metre depth gauge with maximum depth indicator. Concise information is provided by this unit with its crystal clear and easily read digits, the faces are luminous in the dark.


The pressure gauge has a one piece brass body containing a copper Beryllium spiral wound coil Bourdon tube within an extremely strong polycarbonate transparent window, 48mm face diameter with an external diameter of 63mm and 25mm in depth. The high specification depth gauge features a Phosphor Bronze C Bourdon tube with rack and pinion movement ensuring super smooth and reliable operation within the Silicone oil filled movement inside a robust polycarbonate housing, all combining to ensure pinpoint accuracy across a wide temperature range of between 10 and 50 degrees centigrade, the gauge measures 52mm in diameter at the maximum.


A standard length 80cm/32 inch high pressure hose with swivel and 7/16” UNF male thread allows attachment to all types of regulator fist stages. The Contents Gauge and Hose are manufactured in Italy to exceed the requirements of European Standard EN-250 and the Depth Gauge complies with EN 13319. Total weight including the streamlined moulded rubber console is only 276 Grams.

Beaver Surveyor Compact Twin Console

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