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Blue Optimum Gloves are available in 5mm and featuring Ti-Ax® Thermacote® heat-reflecting lining.


These gloves are manufactured from a high-grade polymer, with additional protective Diamondflex and our Super-Tack embossed palms and fingers for heightened control and grip.


A tight-fitting wrist seal is essential to minimise water migration, but it can make the glove difficult to pull on over your hand. Our Optimum gloves feature a wrist zip to allow the necessary expansion when required.


  • Double-Layer Premium Polymer construction
  • DiamondFlex protection on back of hand
  • Super-Tack embossed palms and fingers for improved grip
  • Ti-Glide interior for ease of putting on and taking off
  • Full size wrist zip for assured ease of use

Northern Diver 5mm Optimum Gloves

£23.00 Regular Price
£13.80Sale Price
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