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Congratulations on completing the PADI Seal Team Program. You're now a PADI Seal Team Member! That's pretty cool!

Now you can work your way through the exciting Specialty Aquamissions, learn fresh new skills and gain the prestigious PADI Master Seal Team rating.

Just like the PADI Seal Team program, this is designed specifically for young divers and involves action packed adventures and new skills to learn in each exciting pool session.

PADI Master Seal Team

    • The minimum age to participate in the PADI Master Seal Team program is 8.

    • Participants must have successfully completed the PADI Seal Team program to enrol on the PADI Master Seal Team program.

    • Each child will need to complete a PADI Seal Team Statement, which includes a brief medical questionnaire. Any medical conditions highlighted on the form must be approved by a GP or diving physician prior to taking part. A parent or guardian will be required to countersign the form & this must be brought to the first PADI Master Seal Team session.

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