As we rocket into a new decade many of us will look back on the past 10 years in disbelief at how quickly time has flown by. Is it really 10 years since Spain won the football World Cup, since One Direction were formed, Burj Khalifa became the worlds tallest building and Haiti suffered a catastrophic earthquake killing hundreds of thousands?


All those plans, those experiences, the dream destinations that you've promised yourself, all seem to disappear as everyday routine gets in the way & before you know it your celebrating another milestone birthday. Don't put those dreams on hold for another decade, make the 20's the decade of fulfilling your dreams.

Scuba Diving is high  on many peoples bucket lists and its easy to understand why. What better way for you to get close to underwater nature and wildlife? Swimming alongside graceful manta rays & witnessing dolphins in their natural environment? To explore historic world war shipwrecks?  What activity can you do as whole family, giving you a lifetime of opportunities and precious memories together?

Scuba Diving Services

We provide a wide range of services for Scuba divers including dive equipment servicing, air fills & Dive equipment rental. If you're looking for some friendly advices on any of these we are more than happy to help.


Learning to scuba dive can be quite a daunting thought for some, with lots of unknowns about what Scuba diving is really like. Am I old enough? Am I fit enough? Is it dangerous? Is it difficult? Can I do it on my own? Admittedly like any other sport or activity, Scuba Diving isn't for everyone, however without ever experiencing it, you will never know.

In addition to full certifying courses, Scuba Courses based in Stoke On Trent has a selection of programs designed for the complete beginner, for both adults & children. These experiences will give you a taste of Scuba Diving using full Scuba equipment in the clear warm waters of a local swimming pool. These sessions are a fantastic opportunity to discover the world of Scuba and ask any questions you may have.

If you are not quite sure if becoming certified is for you or if you'd just like to experience Scuba as a one off, then these programs are ideal.

  ONLY £30  

PADI Discover ScubA (AGE 10+)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to breathe underwater, to float weightless like an astronaut and move in a 3 dimensional world? Are you going on a holiday or honeymoon to an exotic destination with amazing marine life and you want to check out Scuba before you go? Or maybe you have been inpsired by awesome nature programs like the Blue Planet or Oceans & you want to get closer to the action?

The PADI Discover Scuba session will allow you to experience the thrill of breathing underwater in a fun & exciting Scuba adventure. The program is designed for complete beginners to give you a taste of the exciting and weightless aquatic environment.


Only £30

PADI Bubblemaker (aGE 8+)

The PADI Bubblemaker allows young adventurers to experience the thrill of breathing underwater in a fun & exciting Scuba Diving quest. 

The PADI Bubblemaker experience is an easy and fun introduction to the exciting underwater world. Incorporating lots of games and play from underwater toys and acrobatics to Scuba Courses version of an underwater egg and spoon race. 


Your child will not stop laughing as they experience how it feels to float like an astronaut, feeling completely weightless in the water.


Only £209


Does your child have a sense of adventure & a love of the magical underwater world? Are you looking for an activity to get them away from from the games console and re-connect with nature and our amazing planet? Are they looking to make new friends and have some serious fun?

If your answers are yes, then the PADI Seal Team program would be perfect for them! This program is designed specifically for young divers and involves action packed adventures and new skills to learn in each exciting pool session.


Scuba diving opens up a whole new world to those prepared to take that initial splash. The untold riches of the aquatic realm become a reality as you broaden your horizons, experiencing sights and wonders that many others just dream about.


Diving is about exploration, education & excitement. It's about gliding over the most stunningly beautiful coral reefs, swimming alongside the oceans friendly giants. It's about the adrenaline rush as you witness hammerhead sharks circling below. Its about exploring the decks of those historic shipwrecks from a bygone era, it's about exploring cave systems that only the very few fortunate enough will ever witness. 


t's about expanding your travel opportunities, it's about pushing your limits and building confidence, it's about team work and camaraderie. It's about sharing experiences with friends and family, it's about making memories that last a lifetime.

Discover this amazing world by certifying as a PADI Open Water Diver on embark on a journey like no other.

Scuba Courses offer a wide range of both Recreational & Technical diving & freediving courses suitable for beginners, experienced and professional divers. We have highlighted a few of our most popular courses below that will get you started either as a beginner or as a professional diver.

  ONLY £475 

PADI open water diver


Are you inspired by Jacques Coststeau? Are you mesmerised by David Attenborough and the BBC's award winning Blue Planet Series? Is Scuba diving high on that bucket list? 


Become a certified Scuba Diver in 2020 and experience first hand the awe inspiring aquatic realm by enrolling onto the PADI Open Water Diver program.

Aimed at complete beginners, this program is perfect for those aged over 10 that would love to learn to scuba dive.


Only £275

PADI open water referral

For some the dream of diving is all about crystal clears waters in tropical locations with an abundance of colourful coral reefs and marine life.​

The PADI Open Water Referral program is an ideal way of starting your Scuba journey with us here in the UK & then completing it in an exotic destination of your choice. 

This is ideal if you are short on time, have a holiday or honeymoon booked or simply don't fancy the cooler UK waters. Suitable for complete beginners this course gives you the best of both worlds, learning the fundamentals here, then completing the course in your dream destination.


Only £495


Are you an experienced diver looking to expand your diving knowledge, confidence and experience? Are you passionate about diving and want to share that magic with others? Have you been inspired by other PADI Professionals? Do you want to unlock opportunities of travelling & working within the dive industry?​

If the answer is yes, then the PADI Divemaster program is your key to starting your journey as a PADI Professional.

Be an inspiration to others and share your passion of diving...

PADI Dive Courses

Find out more about our full range of PADI Scuba Diving experiences and courses. From those exhilarating first breaths underwater on one of our PADI Scuba Diving programs; to the adrenaline of the PADI Deep Diver Specialty or your first steps on the PADI professional ladder learning to teach and share your passion for the underwater world.

Scuba Diving Club

Do you love the social aspect of diving as much as the diving itself? Our dive club offers trips, holidays, diving days & non-diving social activities. There are regular pool sessions for you to practice skills, try out new equipment or just get your fins wet and catch up with your diving buddies.

Pool Sessions

Scuba Holidays

Social Activities

Project AWARE

Part of being a diver is being an ambassador for the health and well being of the underwater world. We care deeply for the environment and continue to share our passion with divers and non divers. Project AWARE is a non-profit marine conservation based charity that we support, through diver education, activities and donations.

What Is Project AWARE?

What Is 100% AWARE?

Project AWARE Activities

Professional Scuba Academy

The Professional Scuba Academy is an opportunity for anyone thinking of becoming a PADI Divemaster or Instructor or for those that have already made the step onto the professional ladder, to get valuable mentorship, help, advice and a place to teach. Just to be clear; we are not looking for professionals to work for us, we are looking to provide the services required to enable you to teach for yourself. If you are a PADI Divemaster, PADI Instructor or are simply considering becoming a PADI Professional then this program is for you. 

What Is The Professional Scuba Academy?

Professional Scuba Academy Mentorship

Professional Scuba Academy Services

About Scuba Courses

Scuba Courses UK is operated by PADI Course Directors with years of experience within the dive industry. We offer exceptional training, we're passionate about what we do and our impact on the underwater environment. We want to help you to become safe, confident divers who never stop exploring and experiencing the wonders of the aquatic world.

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