Drysuits are one of the most essential pieces of diving equipment any diver could possess for UK diving. They ensure comfort & warmth in temperate waters, extending dive times and the diving season.

The PADI Dry Suit Diver Specialty course is a great way to introduce you to drysuit diving techniques under the guidance of a PADI instructor.

During the course you will be taught various skills including; how to respond to a free flowing inflator valve, how to achieve neutral buoyancy, what to do if your suit floods & how to determine your correct weighting.. 

A dry suit is your ticket to a wider variety of dive sites, different marine life, longer dives and a year round dive season.

PADI Drysuit Diver - Divers Using Drystuis
Course Overview​

  • To develop the student’s knowledge of dry suits – when to use dry suits, types of dry suits available, dry suit accessories, their maintenance, and how to make minor repairs

  • To develop the student’s ability to perform the skills needed, or that may be needed, when diving in a dry suit

  • To enable the student diver to plan, organise and conduct dives using a dry suit

  • The planning, organisation, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of dry suit diving

  • Proper procedures for buoyancy control

  • Ascent and descent technique training

  • Routine, user-level, preventative maintenance

Course Prerequisites

Knowledge Development


Knowledge development is based on a self-study method, allowing you to study in your own time, at your own pace. Home study is backed up by an academic session with your PADI Instructor, to ensure full understanding of the course material.

Confined/Open Water Dives


  • 1 Confined Water Session

  • 2 Open Water Dives

Price Includes​

  • PADI Drysuit Diver Manual

  • PADI Certification Fee

Continue The Adventure...

Now that you have perfected the use of a dry-suit, why not put these skills to good use by enrolling on the PADI Deep Diver course. The deeper you dive the colder it becomes and the need for greater thermal protection increases. As a certified dry-suit diver you will have already completed the necessary training to ensure comfort & warmth during deeper dives to a maximum of 40 metres.

If you have completed 5 PADI Specialties & the PADI Rescue Diver course and have 50 logged dives, you qualify to register as a PADI Master Scuba Diver, the highest non-professional diver rating within PADI.