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Congratulations on completing the PADI Seal Team Program. You're now a PADI Seal Team Member! That's pretty cool!

Now you can work your way through the exciting Specialty Aquamissions, learn fresh new skills and gain the prestigious PADI Master Seal Team rating.

Just like the PADI Seal Team program, this is designed specifically for young divers and involves action packed adventures and new skills to learn in each exciting pool session.

The program is split into 10 different Specialty Aquamissions ranging from Wreck Specialist to Night Specialist. You can learn to float weightlessly mid water like an astronaut in space during the Inner Space Specialty or gain valuable skills in helping another diver with cramp or by throwing them a rope to assist them on the surface in the Safety Specialty.


Complete the Search and Recovery Specialty and you can help find and recover lost objects. During the Snapshot Specialty you can take cool photos of your fellow PADI Seal Team Members! 

By completing all 10 Specialties you’ll join a super elite club by becoming the black belt of PADI Seal Team Members; the Master Seal Team Member. 


  • The minimum age to participate in the PADI Master Seal Team program is 8.

  • Participants must have successfully completed the PADI Seal Team program to enrol on the PADI Master Seal Team program.

  • Each child will need to complete a PADI Seal Team Statement, which includes a brief medical questionnaire. Any medical conditions highlighted on the form must be approved by a GP or diving physician prior to taking part. A parent or guardian will be required to countersign the form & this must be brought to the first PADI Master Seal Team session.

Adult Supervision

A responsible parent/guardian must be present for the duration of each of the swimming pool Aquamissions.



PADI Master Seal Team programs are held locally in the Stoke on Trent & Newcastle Under Lyme areas.


What Is Included​​

  • PADI Master ​Seal Team Recognition Pack

  • Scuba diving equipment hire, including mask & fins..

  • 10 fun & exciting Scuba Aquamissions

  • Supervision and tuition with our friendly PADI Instructors & PADI Divemasters


What You Need To Bring​

  • Personal swim wear & T-shirt that may be worn in the pool

  • Completed forms signed by each child's parent/guardian. 

  • Medical approval for those children with indicated medical issues,


It is very important that the required forms are correctly completed and signed and that any medical issues that are highlighted on the medical questionnaire have been approved with written evidence from a GP or diving physician. We are NOT able to allow participants to take part without these forms.

Continue The Adventure...

​As the future ambassadors of the oceans; getting children involved in such a thrilling and exciting hobby can really enrich their lives. Now that you are a certified PADI Master Seal Team Member the pool is your playground! You can come along to the pool sessions on a regular basis to keep your skills fresh and practice the skills that you learned throughout the Specialty Aquamissions.


Doing this will ensure that you are ready for the challenge of becoming a fully certified diver by taking the PADI Junior Open Water Course as soon as you reach 10. Having already mastered many of the skills from the PADI Junior Open Water Course during your PADI Master Seal Team program, making that step will be a small splash in the pool. Soon enough you'll be swimming in the ocean, marveling at the fish and floating above the beautiful coral reef!  

PADI Master Seal Team Schedule

  • Become An Elite Master Seal - Group Session (Max 4)

    Started Jul 5, 2020

    340 British pounds
  • Includes Mask, Fins & Snorkel Package - Group Session (Max 4)

    Started Jul 5, 2020

    440 British pounds
  • Includes Mask, Fins & Snorkel Package - One To One Instruction

    Started Jul 5, 2020

    780 British pounds

Frequently asked questions

Is Scuba Diving safe?

Yes, Scuba Diving is safe. Of course, as with any adventurous sport or activity there is an element of risk involved. However with the correct training and by sticking to safe diving guidelines, Scuba Diving is a very safe activity. Prior to any in water activity a safety briefing covering equipment, hand signals, water safety and the physics and physiology of diving are discussed in simple and easy to understand language.

Do you need to be a good swimmer?

No. Scuba divers move completely differently to swimmers and are propelled underwater by using fins, making movement easier. Furthermore a Scuba Diver has a constant supply of air, making it far easier to breathe than it is when swimming. However it is important that you have a fundamnetal level of in-water comfort.

I have some health/medical conditions, can I still Scuba Dive?

Whilst there are some medical conditions that would unfortunately prevent you from taking part, not all medical issues would be a barrier to you enjoying Scuba Diving. Prior to taking part in any activity involving Scuba, there is a medical screening to ensure that any existing medical conditions are considered prior to approval being made. Before taking part in the PADI Master Seal program, you will be asked to complete a Medical Questionnaire. If you answer 'Yes' to any of the conditons listed, then you would need to get approval from your GP or a diving physician before we could accept you onto any Scuba program.

What is the minimum age to enrol onto the PADI Master Seal Team?

The minimum age to take part in the PADI Master Seal Team program is 8.

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