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Explore A Silent World - PADI Freediving Course Available

PADI Freediver

The ultimate organic experience is the silent bubble free world of Freediving.

Freediving attracts Scuba divers who want a new and unique experience as well as those people with no experience of snorkeling or Scuba but plenty of enthusiasm.

Freediving promotes discipline, control, concentration and mindfulness. Learning breath holding techniques pushes you to the limits of your own ability and challenges you to learn how to improve and beat your own personal limits.

Qualified Scuba divers will benefit from many of the breathing techniques, the nutrition considerations as well as the meditation skills. Sometimes to be a better Scuba diver, you need to free yourself of the equipment and think about the basics of breathing.

Scuba Courses are now offering the full range of the PADI Freediving programs, these programs are superbly structured and are endorsed by world renowned Freedivers.

If you are curious and want to discover what Freediving is all about, check out the PADI Basic Freediver program. This pool based program will certainly give you an insight into this magical world and leave you wanting more. The PADI Freediver course will have you transfer your new found skills of static and dynamic Apnea to the Open Water environment allowing you to experience familiar dive sites in a different light.

We are super excited to welcome AIDA Instructor Trainer & PADI Master Freediver Instructor Steve Millard to the team at Scuba Courses.

Steve operates Apneists UK one of the UK's leading Freediving training schools with a central base in Manchester. Steve has been a Freediving educator for over two decades, with a resume that includes competing internationally, coaching championship level athletes, university lecturer as well as teaching professional mermaids.

Steve's experience and passion are incredibly exciting to us. We are proud to team up with this icon of the Freediving world to offer the best Freediving courses around.

If immersing yourself in the underwater world is your passion; liberate yourself from equipment and go bubble free.

Check out the full range of PADI Freediving courses available at Scuba Courses.

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