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Kids Scuba Diving Party


£39 per person (Min 4)

If you’re looking for a new and exciting adventure to celebrate your child’s birthday why not book a Scuba Party? Not only is the PADI Discover Scuba/ PADI Bubblemaker session an excellent gift to give to your child but involving their friends and family will make it a really special & unforgettable experience to treasure and talk about for years to come.

The PADI Discover ScubaPADI Bubblemaker experience is an easy and fun introduction to the exciting underwater world. Incorporating lots of games and play from underwater toys and acrobatics to Scuba Courses version of an underwater egg and spoon race. Your child will not stop laughing as they experience how it feels to float like an astronaut, feeling completely weightless in the water.  

The session will begin with an informative talk, covering safety aspects of Scuba and what breathing underwater for the first time will be like. Our team of PADI professionals will assist everyone putting on the equipment in the pool and help them to adjust to underwater life. 


After getting a grip on breathing in the underwater world; a few flips and turns later and your group of children will be hooked. They certainly won't want to leave the pool at the end of the party. It's thrilling, it's different and it's an excellent adventure for all the family.

PADI Discover Snorkeling parties are available for those children who are either too young to participate in Scuba or those who would prefer to stay on the surface. Time is spent encouraging and assisting children with their water safety whilst playing games and having huge amounts of fun.


  • The minimum age to participate in the Scuba Party is 8 with no maximum age so all parents and adults are welcome to share in the fun.

  • Each child will need to complete a PADI Bubblemaker form (for those under the age of 10) and have a parent or guardian countersign it. Please bring this along to the session with you.

Adult Supervision

A responsible Parent/Guardian must be present for the duration of the party, but not necessarily taking part.


Due to the increasing popularity of Scuba Parties, bookings need to be made in advance to avoid disappointment. If you require any further information or available dates then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • £39 per person

  • Minimum number of 4 participants 

What Is Included

  • Scuba diving equipment hire, including mask & fins.

  • Safety briefing covering Scuba equipment, hand signals, water safety and the physics and physiology of diving in a simple and easy to understand format.

  • Approximately one hour of in-water activity including underwater games and fun challenges

  • Supervision and tuition with our friendly PADI Instructors & PADI Divemasters

What You Need To Bring

  • Personal swim wear & T-shirt that may be worn in the pool

  • Completed forms signed by each child's parent/guardian. 

  • Medical approval for those children with indicated medical issues,


It is very important that the required forms are correctly completed and signed and that any medical issues that are highlighted on the medical questionnaire have been approved with written evidence from a GP or diving physician. We are NOT able to allow participants to take part without these forms.

Continue The Adventure...

There are so many ways that children can become more involved in scuba diving with many different programs to suit all ages from 8 upwards. As the future ambassadors of the oceans; getting children involved in such a thrilling and exciting hobby can really enrich their lives.


They can learn valuable life skills, discipline, organisation and responsibility whilst having fun and getting hands on understanding of diving theory. Most importantly though they will love the exhilaration of completing underwater tasks, swimming amongst the coral and recognising different fish species; there's no adventure quite like it! 

8 and 9 year olds can enrol onto as many PADI Bubblemaker sessions as they like but the Seal Team program is where the real fun is! This is also a great option for older children who are not ready to take on the PADI Junior Open Water Course and just want to make memories and bubbles in the pool without the in depth dive theory or the resposibility of becoming a fully certified Open Water Diver. 

However, some children will feel ready to take on the challenge of the PADI Junior Open Water Diver Course and will become life long lovers of the underwater world with a certification ready to take them on adventures across the globe for the rest of their lives! 

Kids Scuba Parties
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  • How Deep Can I Go?
    That depends on your certification level, age and experience. As a certified PADI Open Water diver you will be qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 18 metres, in conditions similar to, or better than those you are trained/experienced in. As a certified PADI Advanced Open Water Diver you will be qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 30 metres, in conditions similar to, or better than those you are trained/experienced in. As a PADI Deep Diver you will be qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 40 metres, in conditions similar to, or better than those you are trained/experienced in. Depths deeper than 40 metres are considered as Technical Diving and require additional Technical Divier training and equipment. PADI offer a wide range of Technical Training programs, including the use of mixed gases and rebreathers.
  • What Are The Age Restrictions For Scuba Diving?
    The minimum age to become certified as a PADI diver is 10. The PADI Junior Open Water Diver certification is available for those aged between the ages of 10 & 14. Ten & eleven year olds must dive with a certified parent/guardian or PADI Professional to a maximum depth of 12 metres. Those aged between 12 and 14 must dive with a certified adult to a maximum depth of 18 metres. Those aged 15 and over are classed as adults, with no upper age limit. The PADI Bubblemaker & PADI Seal Team programs allow children from the age of 8 to experience Scuba Diving in the safe confines of a swimming pool.
  • Do I Have To Be A Good Swimmer?
    No, you don't have to be a strong swimmer. There is however a requirement that you are able to swim a distance of 200 metres (non-stop) and complete a 10 minute tread water/float. There is no time limit on the 200 metre swim and no particular stroke required.
  • How Long Does A Scuba Dive Last?
    The duration of a Scuba Dive can vary, depending on the environment, conditions and depth.
  • Are There Any Medical Restrictions?
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  • Is Scuba Diving Dangerous?
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  • What Does PADI Stand For?
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  • How Long Does Certification Last?
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  • Will My Certification Be Recognised Worldwide?
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  • Do I Need To Own My Own Equipment?
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  • Do I Always Have To Dive With An Instructor?
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  • Can I Dive On My Own?
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  • Is It Hard To Learn To Scuba Dive?
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  • How Do I Become Certified To Scuba Dive?
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  • How Much Does It Cost To Learn To Scuba Dive?
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  • Are There Any Special Concerns For Women & Diving?
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  • Are Sharks Dangerous?
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  • I Have Nobody To Do A Course With. Can I Sign Up On My Own?
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