Achieving a new freediving time or reaching a new depth is an incredible feeling. It satisfies that very personal desire to do your best and be proud of what you can accomplish. The PADI Advanced Freediver course is designed to fulfill that personal need to refine and improve your freediving skills, allowing you to progress slowly while learning how your body performs during apnea.

Course Goals​​
  • Conduct confined water static apnea for 2 minutes 30 seconds (2 minutes for under 18's)

  • Conduct confined water dynamic apnea for 50 metres (40 metres for under 18's)

  • Conduct Open Water constant weight freedive to 20 metres (15 metres for under 18's)

Course Prerequisites​
  • You must be certified as a PADI Freediver (or have a qualifying certification from another freediving organisation)

  • You must have successfully completed a sanctioned first aid course including CPR training within the past 2 years. The PADI Emergency First Response (EFR)  program is highly recommended and meets this requirement. 

  • Minimum age of 15 years

  • You must be comfortable in water and possess a basic level of swimming ability. During the program you will need to complete a 200 Metre continuous unaided swim or a 300 Metre swim with mask, fins & snorkel 

  • Good physical health. You must complete the PADI Freediver Medical Statement prior to the program start date. Any pre-existing medical conditions highlighted on this form will require medical clearance before any in-water training can take place.

Knowledge Development

Knowledge development is based on independent study, using the innovative PADI Freediver Touch interactive learning materials. Once downloaded to your smart phone of tablet, you can access the course material anywhere, at anytime, without the need for an internet connection. Independent study is backed up by your PADI Freediving Instructor, answering any questions you may have.

The comprehensive PADI Freediver Touch may be used for the PADI Basic Freediver, PADI Freediver, PADI Advanced Freediver & PADI Master Freediver programs and covers the following topics:

  • Freediving skills

  • Freediving safety

  • Freediving techniques

  • Equalisation for freediving

  • Breathing for freediving

  • Preparation and recovery for freediving

  • Gear and equipment for freediving

  • Environmental factors and wildlife awareness

Confined Water Sessions

During  confined water training sessions you'll learn stretching and relaxation techniques and refine your static and dynamic apnea skills. The goal is to improve your static apnea time to 2 minutes, 30 seconds (2 minutes for freedivers younger than 18) and your dynamic apnea distance to 50 metres (40 metres for freedivers younger than 18)

Open Water Sessions

During open water training sessions you'll practice deeper free immersion and constant weight freedives, along with additional buddy procedures and rescue techniques. The goal is to improve your constant weight freedive depth to 20 meters (15 metres for freedivers younger than 18)

Course Duration
  • 3 Days

​Price Includes​​
  • PADI Freediver Touch Course Materials

  • PADI Certification Fee

  • Pool Fees

  • Confined Water Training

  • Open Water Training (Excludes Entrance Fees)

  • Equipment Hire

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